Real Time Technology


phenome™ is a middleware set of realtime algorithms for virtual animation to bring your virtual Characters, Motion Capture System or Camera System easy into play in applications like Autodesk Maya, Motionbuilder or Game Engines.

Seamless integration of your Characters and Realtime System with phenome™ real-time technology into Game Engines and other 3D Editing Tools like Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder is our Business. We are Autodesk ADN Sparks Developer and have been developing solutions for our customers’ realtime needs for more than 10 years.

A subset is our phenome™ Character Engine. The Character Engine is a realtime synthesiser for the emotional behaviour of virtual characters in story-based games. phenome™'s Character Engine brings emotions and flexibility to game characters – both in pre-production as well as in real-time scenarios in the game. Through automation and previsualisation, phenome™ saves over 40% in both time and cost in character animation. phenome™  improves quality and continuity of emotions in games – our techniques produce interactive, emotional behaviour in real time, where characters react emotionally to player actions and dynamic game events. Parameterising character traits enables character consistency, in game sequels, for example.

Film & Broadcasting

We are software supplier with our phenome™ software set of real-time algorithms for the  film and broadcasting industry. phenome™ offers huge savings potential and new creative possibilities in the areas of previs and production.



Game characters become emotional - interactively & in real-time!

With phenome™'s Character Engine, takomat presents an animation middleware, which produces dynamic and convincing 3D-character animation in computer games.

Integrated into a game engine, phenome™'s Character Engine makes it easy for animators such as game designers to modify animations. Once they are modified, games characters can then automatically interact with their environment or with the player both in a dynamic and realistic manner.

phenome™'s Character Engine is already integrated into

- Havok's Vision Engine

- Bigpoint's Nebula2 3D-Game Engine

phenome™’s AI automatically controls the physio-psychological models required for the game character’s cognitive and physical behaviour. The result is believable behaviour in the parasocial interaction between the character in the game and the human player.

phenome™ real-time technology is based on the many years of experience with customers in the industry(see right column) and our award-winning research results (European research projects including ELEKTRA and 80Days).

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Previs and Production With PHENOME

Our real-time algorithms can simulate film and broadcasting scenes in advance(Previs). Thus you have the following benefits.

Your benefits:

◦ Save Money: Test before getting on set the space, movements of characters and cameras. These gives you the knowing for example if a move is within reach.

◦ Increased Creativity Example: Concentrate on the Character or Camera and not the rig.

◦ Should we make the film at all? (pitchvis)

◦ Should we make this scene, does it work dramatically? (previs)

◦ How do we convert the scene technically? (techvis)

◦ I’d like to test the scene with an audience before I produce it (postvis).

◦ Share virtual scenes throughout your production pipeline 

Previs is long established in Hollywood, but has been expanded by PHENOME. Previously mainly limited to previsualisation of elaborate action scenes, special effects or computer animation, it can now be applied in dialogue scenes and dialogue portions of action scenes too.

Examples as a software supplier:

◦ Character Animation : phenome™'s real-time technology is used in MVN Motion Builder live plug-in by Xsens : Video of using MoCap Data, Use in Game&Film&Previs. Based on our proven phenome™ real-time algorithms the MVN multiple Character stream of movements is reliable transported to MotionBuilder for production.

◦ Camera Animation : phenome™'s real-time technology is used in FURIO's Toolset for Autodesk® MotionBuilder® by Ross Video: Use in Previs for the FURIO Camera Rig . Based on our proven phenome™ real-time algorithms Camera movements are controlled and reliable transported.

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