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"I could remember things much better than from only listening"

- Pupil from Leonard Gymnasium School, Aachen, Germany, 2007 about our game about the topic physics in the project ELEKTRA


Computer games have become a new dominant medium. The time and energy behind this potential is correspondingly huge. "Three billion hours or 342 000 person-years of playing the world each week alone the internet" (Jane McGonigal). 

In years of basic research, we have researched the potential of computer games "beyond entertainment". We now share the results with our customers. We use that games demand the player skills for the game success.

Your main benefits:

1. High quality graphics

2. Making complex simulation processes simple and so forth easier to understand 

3. Advancing the game with real world data

4. Industry proven Game Technology(e.g. our own epigene™ engine). Our epigene™ engine, a set of realtime algorithm for gameplay and simulation, is currently implemented in Flash&unity3d and used already for 6 games, has a remarkable performance for simulation processes and graphics. Moreover epigene™ is more efficient than other engines concerning the reuse of graphics especially landscape.



Our award-winning special game design increases awareness, the ability to absorb knowledge and the motivation to learn. Players will learn efficiently and sustainably, because we activate additional areas of the brain for emotions and promote intrinsic motivation. One customer said "Energetika works for my child" (according to our commercial Good Game Energetika 2010). Games are extremely economical in the way that they reach a large number of valuable contacts. When someone becomes immersed in your game, you draw closer to that person. Games are becoming the new pre-assessment centre for businesses. How? By incorporating job profiles in an appealing game design. If they enjoy it, a large number of players will record their performances and the employer can then select the most talented prospects from the crowd. 

3D Game

80 Days

Beam me up, Feon!

Explore Earth - Geography 2.0

Imagine it’s the night before the big Geography exam, you're tired, it's late, and you’ve been putting off the inevitable for hours – putting your head down, even just to prepare the basics for tomorrow’s exam. Again and again, your mind begins to wander, gather pace and then leap through the window in the ceiling of the nursery and off and away into the endless night sky. It would be great if you didn’t have to do this exam that’s giving you a pain in your stomach.

Then suddenly one of the stars grows brighter, bigger and seems to draw nearer... And before you can do a thing to stop it, you're beamed up into a UFO by a bright light!Here an individual called "Feon", our Geography teacher from the bridge in the image above, explains to you that he is an intergalactic guidebook author, and he needs a guide who can show him around and explain this planet called "Earth". And he's just chosen you!So forget your books, now you're flying with Feon around the planet Earth and marvelling at its wonders. Together, you and Feon solve puzzles and explore. And in doing so, you will learn about Geography in the same way as the great explorers of the past.This game design and storytelling reflects our strategy - to enable learning through fun and the challenges of games.80days is the name of a European joint research project by the European Commission which aims to research the principles involved in order to design a successful game like this.The modular game design ensures that more and more educational geography content can be integrated in ever new missions, thus reducing the initial investment in the basic game per piece of educational content.And since educational geography content is the same everywhere, this project can also be very easily internationalised.For more information about the project and a demo to play along, take a look at

iPhone App

Babyzoo Cologne

BabyZoo Cologne is Apple's pick of apps for children!

"Very useful if you move even a few minutes of a contented child needs and can also do something good." - Gaensebluemchen70, iTunes Store Customer Rating

Get the animal sound show for iPhone or iPod Touch and your child can discover 38 amazing animals on your iPhone, either on their own or with you. With BabyZoo Cologne, now you have your own personal zoo with you everywhere you go. You’ve heard it before: “Dad, I’m bored,” or “Mum, are we there yet?” What parent doesn’t know that feeling? You may be busy, but not even the sweetest child in the world has any patience when boredom strikes. With this app, boredom will vanish in a matter of seconds, and your child will dive into the magical and exciting animal world with thrills for both their eyes and ears.

BabyZoo Cologne’s gameplay design is so simple that even small children of 2 years (tested) can intuitively see and hear all the animals by themselves. Or would you like to play together? BabyZoo also provides parents with additional amazing information that they can teach their little ones. You might even learn something yourself. Your child will love BabyZoo Cologne and will want to play it again and again. And they will be learning at every moment.How to Play: Just approach the 38 animals and observe. If you touch the screen, the animal sound is played in high quality. If you like, you can also touch the little “i” symbol in the bottom right to see all the vital information about the animal.Each picture shows an animal from Cologne Zoo, one of the most beautiful and well-run zoos in all of Germany. Visit the amazing animals in the zoo and let your children have a great time, either by themselves or with you. Have fun!

3D Game



The Magic Of Physics

In the year 2026 Europe awaits a solar eclipse. You as a young student are just as full of expectation because you are standing right in front of the entrance portal of the Renaissance villa of professor Leonardo Sapiente, the director oft he NSEP (National Scientific Entertainment Park) in Florence, Italy.

You have an appointment with the professor at eight o’clock in order to talk with him about your internship at his world-renowned science park. But nobody seems to be there. The front door is ajar. You go inside and you find yourself amidst the eve of a conspiracy.

It’s about the secret diaries of the great  Galileo Galilei and a mysterious secret society whose betrayal and dark ritual just before the solar eclipse ist o secure their evil reign over the whole of humanity. You can only fight the forces of darkness with the light of knowledge, an old code of honour, a magic hourglass, a flashlight and a large portion of know-how of physics.

More information about the project:
TV report by Euronews about the ELEKTRA project



E.2010 - Power to Energetika

Power to Energetika

takomat developed the online energy game “E2010 – Power to Energetika” for Science Year 2010, “The future of energy”, the initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. You can play the simulation game at (Highscore/Statistics). 

“Welcome to your dream world! Here in your dreams, you have the chance to dream up a solution to the vast, unsolved problem of energy supply. You have complete freedom to create the perfect energy state and show everyone the right path to take. Save the environment for the children of tomorrow, but don’t leave the people of today sitting in the dark… Welcome to Energetika!”

For the Science Year 2010 initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, takomat developed the energy game “E2010” on behalf of Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Ortwin Renn and Dialogik gGmbH.

In this strategy game, the “future of Germany” battles it out online for the most sustainable solution for the “future of energy” – the theme of this year’s Science Year (

You have to guarantee energy supply for the fictional state of “Energetika” for the next forty years until 2050, while operating in a sustainable manner from a social, economic and environmental perspective.

To overcome this critical challenge facing all mankind, you will really need to pull out all the stops – carry out research & development, keep your people happy and keep a close eye on cost. If you have created and researched your own energy mix that meets the demands of all three focal points, “Social”, “Economic” and “Environmental”, by 2050 and you take your place on the high score list for sustainable energy solutions, you are not only in with a chance to win real prizes, but you have proven yourself to be an authentic energy expert in the real world.

“E2010 - Power to Energetika” involves and contains entirely topical and social issues as well as our current knowledge of the concept of energy. It was made possible by takomat’s educational game design for “E2010”. The game design combines the simulation principle of SIM CITY with the social dimension of SIMS and was turned into a “realistic mixture” through the collaboration of scientists and experts of the University of Stuttgart, Forschungszentrum Jülich (Jülich research centre - KFA), German Aerospace Center (DLR), Dialogik gGmbH and many other scientists throughout Science Year 2010.