takomat GmbH

Good Games & Technology

"You learn something and then you know it already before it's done in class."

- Pupil from Leonard Gymnasium School, Aachen, Germany 

takomat GmbH develops good games and game technology to advance and broaden the use of games. Improved learning and advanced entertainment are good for the learner inside the player and the player inside the learner.

Inspired of the variety of possibilities in business to apply our expert knowledge in games for learning and real-time technology, we specialise us to turn this knowledge with flexible design and algorithms into business.

Our award winning results from research are our groundbreaking knowledge(USP), which we implement into your games to make them successfull.

Our expertise: The fusion of entertainment and education in both content and technology for a user centric research-driven generation of digital educational games – known as good games and technology.

Good Games

Good games are based on our scientifically proven design methods and are created using our purpose-built technology. We produce good games for learning at school and university, training and further education, career guidance and youth development.


Game Technology

takomat's PHENOME game technology unleashes the motivational principles of human learning in good games by producing interactive and emotionally authentic character behaviour as the events of the game unfold. Time and cost for animation are reduced by more than 40% in production, while interactive storytelling plays a key role in the gameplay. This is a measure of the productivity and innovation possible in the games industry.

This is also used in films – PHENOME’s 3D real-time technology has been used for virtual film making in major Hollywood films such as Alice in Wonderland.