Research & Development

Augmented City / Digital Citizenship

takomat shows augmented city of Cologne at DIGILITY 2017.[more]

takomat presents workshop results of its EU culture project "Augmented City / Digital Citizenship". takomat's planning software for urban infrastructure planning brings together real geodata of the city of Cologne with architectural visions created by Game artists of the School of Games in Cologne.


Research & Development

takomat at GALA Conference 2016

Daniel Schwarz Keynote talk on December 7th at 10:20 AM:

“SOA Applied - Engineering Software as Processing Unit of a Serious Game“

GALA Conference 2016, 5-7 December, Utrecht, Netherlands[more]

Game Designer Daniel Schwarz will be a Keynote Speaker at Games and Learning Alliance Conference 2016 in Utrecht. In his talk “SOA Applied - Engineering Software as Processing Unit of a Serious Game“ he will give an introduction to TWIST++ The Game. 

Takomat´s new approach on Planning Software for laymen serves as a tool for knowledge transfer as well as for documentation of research results and their complex functional interactions.

Serious Games have proven to be mighty tools for knowledge transfer. Barely any other media offers its creative freedom, interactivity and flexibility in contents and scale.

GALA Conference annually presents State of the Art in science and the most remarkable innovations in the field of Serious Games developement.


Research & Development


AC/DC-Project organizes AR/VR-Festival from October, 21st.-27th. in Budapest.[more]

EU culture project AC/DC (takomat, Kitchen Budapest, X-OP) co-organizes the Reality Research Festival 2k16 from October, 21st. - 27th. in Budapest.

The festival brings together artists and lecturers in order to discover the map of Virtual Reality and the relations between city, human and technology.

takomat contributes to the festival's theme Virtual/Augmented Reality from the perspective of pop culture (Hatsune Mike) and engineering technology (Serious Games) with lectures on October, 22nd. from 10.00am - 6.00pm in Kitchen Budapest .

ERWAS-Multitouch-Game at IFAT 2016 in Munich at BMBF booth.

Research & Development

Games for Science

Science Communication above the clouds. takomat creates the ERWAS research landscape as a touchable game.[more]

12 research projects of the research joint venture ERWAS pursue a common goal for sustainable water management:

The goal of this endeavour is not only to save energy in the process of drinking water treatment and wastewater disposal but even to generate energy from these processes. The results of the research and development will contribute to the national energy turnaround. ERWAS is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

takomat supports the science communication of ERWAS with a touch table game. The player is a flying cloud and discovers the research landscape of ERWAS.

The game had its premier at the international water fair IFAT 2016 in Munich (picture) and is currently displayed in science roadshows at fairs and conferences throughout Germany.

takomat created a website for project, too.


Good Games

TIMELINER game gets funded!

The Film und Medienstiftung NRW supports takomat's new game TIMELINER with 60.000 Euro of funding.[more]

We are proud to obtain funding from the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. takomat was awarded in the innovative audiovisual production category. With a €60k funding, takomat takes „Timeliner“, a mobile serious game about basic time- and self-management tenets, into production.  Modern work life lets us feel helpless and creates mental overload to many: Keeping track of work that is piling up day after day can become a heavy burden itself, with frustration, exhaustion and time famine as its consequences. The question then arises, „What about me and the things that I care about?“

Understanding and using basic time- and self-management tenets could answer that question. Many people are familiar with concepts like these, but barely anyone uses them. Am I really irreplaceable? Are my colleagues a burden or a blessing? Are time-outs for losers only? Reflecting on ones own working impact is a good start to find satisfying answers. At takomat, we think that self-reflection and time-management can be conveyed playfully, with a game about a little space-ship, travelling the universe while carrying the most valuable treasure: the jewel heart. The player needs to manoeuver his illuminating Jewel trough a vast universe of time and unfinished tasks, in order to reach planet home safe and sound. To clock out in time, against all interstellar odds, the player would be wise to have a closer look at things: Are those bulky planets mere obstacles or is there more to them...? And what about those floating tasks everywhere – they do behave weird from time to time...!


Good Games

Opening of Energy Experience Centre!

takomat transforms Energy Experience Centre Aurich into Europe's biggest arcade hall for Serious Games.[more]

Aurich. On July 1st., the Energy Education and Experience Centre in Aurich opened its doors.  The interactive exhibition "Energy.Future" is at the heart of the Energy centre. Visitors of the exhibition collect knowledge about energy in seven topics. They can use the power of their knowledge to create their very own energy transition and master this epic challenge of our times in one exhibition visit - including a highscore entry at the exit of the exhibition.

takomat developed digital games for the exhibition and merged the entire exhibition design with 28 exhibits, experiments, simulations and games into a pervasive real-world and digital gaming experience.


Good Games

Civic participation game online

Of bread and games - How can citizens be empowered? [more]

Youth is all about games and a piece of cake? Not a bit of it! Youths want to make a difference. But, sometimes young people ask themselves how to: "Who am I to speak up?" some might ask, or maybe "Will anybody listen to me at all?" - the key to civic engagement is for citizens to understand, how civic participation benefits our democratic system of government. It is crucial for everyone to speak up and there are far more ways to make one´s voice heard then just on election day!

Being a responsible citizen, engaging oneself in local issues? A piece of cake! Play takomat´s civic participation game (Link: ) for an adventurous journey through a small town facing big decisions - will you be the young hero who leads the locals into civic consensus? 

Presented by Baden Württemberg Foundation, the game´s development is paralleled by suggestions and comments made by players on The game gives young players a first introduction to political participation and the tools available for initiating a participation process in a democratic system. Click civic participation game to take a rather unusual walk through small town Germany to meet oldies and goldies, friends and freaks and maybe even someone useful to your journey to become your locals' civic connector to the city´s decision makers. The game was commissioned by Kommunikationsbüro Ulmer GmbH as an educational application for youths to qualify in civic participation process coordination.